I have a big footprint!

In this week’s lecture, another topic that is very prevalent in my life, but I have never thought much about was discussed.  This topic was my digital footprint.  In today’s society, technology has become a forefront in our lives.  As a result, it has ended up shaping and influencing a lot in what we do: people nowadays are constantly on their phones, checking their email, surfing the web, or using various social media sites.  Due to such advancements in technology, we are only a click away to unlimited information.  Before this lecture, I never realized that the collection of all these things makeup one’s digital footprint.  Every time you log in to a social media account, text, check your email or search something up on the internet, you leave a footprint.

Now as I reflect, I have a very active and big footprint as my presence on social media and the internet in general is very high.  Personally, my footprint reflects an accurate positive image of who I am and so, I wouldn’t really change my activity or participation online.  However, if not conscious of your footprint: what you post, what sites you visit, what you say, etc… it’s possible for your digital footprint to reflect a negative image of yourself.  In this case, it is important to be careful how we use the internet and to ensure our online identities mirror the lifestyles we want people to see.

As a whole, I do believe we should share our lives online with others as it is an easy and unique way of creating relationships and letting other’s learn about us.  However, it is also important not to share too much online… the internet can be dangerous, so before you post anything, be sure to have your safety in mind.


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