Album Cover

The concept of my album cover was to take one of my favourite songs off of Ariana Grande’s very first album and to make a cover based off of this song.  The goal of my album cover was to create a cover that not only reflected the meaning behind the title of the song, but to produce a cover that would maintain the girly and classy persona of Ariana Grande herself, while using a unique double exposure effect.

The target audience for my album cover is the same audience that Ariana Grande reaches.  This mostly includes young girls and girls in their teens.

The skills I used to create my album cover were a variety of different tools in Photoshop. I started off by using the lasso tool to cut out some of the background so that only the faces were present in the image.  This was followed by the desaturation of these faces and creating a layer mask for the face layer and the background layer.  Define brush preset was then used to create a brush that is the same shape as the faces.  This new brush shape was later used in the background layer to bring out the two faces, while having the background image still shine through.  Along with adjusting the brightness and contrast of both the faces and the background, in the end, I was able to create a double exposure effect as the main concept of the cover.

The challenges I anticipated while making the album cover were that I wasn’t going to really know what tools to use in order to achieve my objective… I am very much a beginner using Photoshop.  Along the way, the challenges I ended up encountering were both in coming up with idea of what I wanted the album cover to look like, and in Photoshop itself.

From the start, when coming up with the idea for the cover, I knew immediately that I was going to use photgraphs.  However, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do with the pictures and how I was going to manipulate them.  As a result of this, I actually ended up making four different versions of the album cover which are all very different from one another.

In Photoshop itself, some of the challenges I encountered were trying to keep a steady hand when using the lasso tool, as well as, using a lot of trial and error in trying to figure out which tools are used for what and how to use them appropriately.

The biggest thing I learned during the process of creating my album cover was that I was capable of a lot more than I thought.  This was really my first time using Photoshop on my own with no tutorial and no real sense of direction and so, I was very worried that I wouldn’t know how to go about creating an album cover.  However, my final product actually ended up exceeding my expectations and consequently increasing my self confidence.

Looking at the end result of my album cover, I think I was able to achieve my original goal of creating a cover that reflected the message of the title while maintaining Ariana Grande’s persona.  In addition, I think I was able to successfully address the target audience of young girls to teenage girls with my image choice, manipulation of these images, and my choice of typeface, which are all relevant to the majority of young girls’ interests.


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