Stories are everywhere

Stories are everywhere

In today’s lecture we learned about storytelling and transmedia.  What I’ve come to realize is that stories are all around us… in everything we see stories are being told across various different platforms.  Storytelling especially plays a role in how we refer to ourselves and describe who we are.  Everyone has their own story about their life, their struggles and their ambitions.  Something I have always wondered is the story behind the homeless.  Today, like every day in downtown Toronto, I walked by numerous homeless people, one who caught my eye in particular.  I saw a middle aged Muslim woman with a sign saying that she needed money to feed her 3 children.  I wondered what her story was… was she an immigrant?  Did she have a husband?  Did she have multiple jobs?


It’s incredible to think that her story could explain why she is in her current position and is a story that could easily be told across many different platforms.  There is a social media account that can be found on various social media sites such as; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, that I think does a brilliant job in telling these kinds of stories everyday.  The account is “The People of New York” and with the use of a photo and a short quote taken from a quick conversation with people on the streets of New York, we learn about the different stories of the people of this city.  It is a very interesting way to tell stories but is also very effective and intriguing.



In addition to storytelling, some of the projects we looked at in class that use transmedia seem really interesting and enticing.  One in particular is the adventure fans were set out on before the release of the movie “The Dark Knight”.  This activity was especially fascinating because of all the different platforms including: telephone calls; websites; signs; etc. that were used to create a worldwide event.  Being a little a young at the time when this event was taking place, I didn’t have a chance to participate, however, now that I am a little older, participating in an activity like this one is something I think would be fun, and would definitely be something I want to do in the future!




13 Going on 30


My motion graphics assignment will be based off the movie 13 Going on 30.  The movie is about a 13 year old girl who desperately wants to be older.  On her 13th birthday, her best friend gives her magic dust that she wishes on to become 30 years old.  Not too long after, she awakens as a 30 year old women and as the movie progresses, she learns numerous life lessons along the way.  By the end of the movie she has returned to being a 13-year-old girl where she realizes that she’s exactly where she wants to be.

Throughout the entire film, magic plays a huge role in triggering the major events of the movie.  It is magic dust that turns the girl into a 30-year-old women, and it is the same magic dust that changes her back.  Due to magic’s major involvement in the movie, I wanted to bring this element out in my motion graphics assignment.

What I plan to do is start the scene off with a blue sky with clouds.  I’m then going to have the number 30 either flow into the scene like a cloud, or dissolve into the scene (I have yet to decide).  From there I will count down from 30 to 13 with magic-like stars in the background flickering to evoke the theme of magic seen throughout the movie.  Once the countdown reaches 13, the 13 will shrink down to a smaller size and the words “Going on 30”, along with a blue magic-type swirl, will flow into the scene.  Hopefully with all these little effects I will be able to create the magic type feel that is felt in the movie.

Sport and Digital Media


This week I get to pick what I want to talk about in my blog with relation to digital media and so, of course it will have something to do with sports!  The impact of digital media on sports has been HUGE in the last several years.  Digital media has actually changed the sports industry and its culture as a whole.

First off, its crazy how present sports are on social media.  Nowadays it seems every professional sports team and most players can be found on social media.  When trying to find out about a sports team or player, it used to be that a team would have their story covered by other means like; the press and media.  However, now, we can go directly to a team or players Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. and hear from them directly.  In addition to this, it seems every team has their own app allowing even easier access to following a team’s every move.  I think it’s pretty incredible how much closer we are to our favourite teams and players these days, which as a sports fan, is most definitely a positive!

The technology in sports has also changed dramatically.  Not only can you now stream any game you want from literally anywhere with just a click of a button, digital media is very prominent in the game itself.  Instead of having to wonder if the ball was in or out, or if it was a goal or not, digital media can slow down any play, and freeze frame any moment in a game to ensure the correct call is made… referees are now just a quick phone call away from finding all of this information out. Although some may think this kind of technology compromises the culture of sport, I tend to disagree.  I think this technology is actually very advantageous to sport in making sure that a bad call does not decide the outcome of the game.

It’s become pretty evident that digital media has  changed so many different aspects of the world.  The impact it has had on the sports culture I think will improve not only the quality of viewing sports, but the quality of the games themselves.  As technology advances, I cannot wait to see what other new and interesting uses of digital media will be introduced into the sports industry!

Motion Graphics that I LOVE!

One of my favourite pieces of motion graphics is the Star Wars opening title sequence.  I really like this motion graphic piece because it is very strong in conveying both a mood and a message.  The use of the Star Wars theme music in the background and the scrolling of the text both create a futuristic feeling and exciting mood, while using the text to give us a preview into what’s yet to come.

Another one of my favourite pieces of motion graphics is the coca cola commercial made for the Blue Jays playoff run.  This piece of motion graphics is very effective because of its use of a variety of different colours, as well as the background music being a song dedicated to the Blue jays.  Both these elements create excitement amongst Blue Jays fans while inadvertently  advertising Coke.

The idea I have for my motion graphics assignment is to make an open title sequence for my favourite movie, My Sister’s Keeper.  I’m not quite sure yet exactly what I want to do with the title sequence, but I am thinking that I want to create a beach type scene.  To go along with this scene, I’m thinking of using some soft, calming and maybe even sad audio which would be most appropriate with not only the feelings evoked by the beach in the movie, but its overall mood.  The reasoning behind my choice for a beach scene is because the is a very important and metaphorical part of the movie.  It is Kate’s last dying wish before she loses her battle to cancer to go to the beach, and it is at that moment that both her and her family are able to come to terms with her inevitable death.