Motion Graphics that I LOVE!

One of my favourite pieces of motion graphics is the Star Wars opening title sequence.  I really like this motion graphic piece because it is very strong in conveying both a mood and a message.  The use of the Star Wars theme music in the background and the scrolling of the text both create a futuristic feeling and exciting mood, while using the text to give us a preview into what’s yet to come.

Another one of my favourite pieces of motion graphics is the coca cola commercial made for the Blue Jays playoff run.  This piece of motion graphics is very effective because of its use of a variety of different colours, as well as the background music being a song dedicated to the Blue jays.  Both these elements create excitement amongst Blue Jays fans while inadvertently  advertising Coke.

The idea I have for my motion graphics assignment is to make an open title sequence for my favourite movie, My Sister’s Keeper.  I’m not quite sure yet exactly what I want to do with the title sequence, but I am thinking that I want to create a beach type scene.  To go along with this scene, I’m thinking of using some soft, calming and maybe even sad audio which would be most appropriate with not only the feelings evoked by the beach in the movie, but its overall mood.  The reasoning behind my choice for a beach scene is because the is a very important and metaphorical part of the movie.  It is Kate’s last dying wish before she loses her battle to cancer to go to the beach, and it is at that moment that both her and her family are able to come to terms with her inevitable death.


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