Sport and Digital Media


This week I get to pick what I want to talk about in my blog with relation to digital media and so, of course it will have something to do with sports!  The impact of digital media on sports has been HUGE in the last several years.  Digital media has actually changed the sports industry and its culture as a whole.

First off, its crazy how present sports are on social media.  Nowadays it seems every professional sports team and most players can be found on social media.  When trying to find out about a sports team or player, it used to be that a team would have their story covered by other means like; the press and media.  However, now, we can go directly to a team or players Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. and hear from them directly.  In addition to this, it seems every team has their own app allowing even easier access to following a team’s every move.  I think it’s pretty incredible how much closer we are to our favourite teams and players these days, which as a sports fan, is most definitely a positive!

The technology in sports has also changed dramatically.  Not only can you now stream any game you want from literally anywhere with just a click of a button, digital media is very prominent in the game itself.  Instead of having to wonder if the ball was in or out, or if it was a goal or not, digital media can slow down any play, and freeze frame any moment in a game to ensure the correct call is made… referees are now just a quick phone call away from finding all of this information out. Although some may think this kind of technology compromises the culture of sport, I tend to disagree.  I think this technology is actually very advantageous to sport in making sure that a bad call does not decide the outcome of the game.

It’s become pretty evident that digital media has  changed so many different aspects of the world.  The impact it has had on the sports culture I think will improve not only the quality of viewing sports, but the quality of the games themselves.  As technology advances, I cannot wait to see what other new and interesting uses of digital media will be introduced into the sports industry!


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