In today’s lecture we learned about storytelling and transmedia.  What I’ve come to realize is that stories are all around us… in everything we see stories are being told across various different platforms.  Storytelling especially plays a role in how we refer to ourselves and describe who we are.  Everyone has their own story about their life, their struggles and their ambitions.  Something I have always wondered is the story behind the homeless.  Today, like every day in downtown Toronto, I walked by numerous homeless people, one who caught my eye in particular.  I saw a middle aged Muslim woman with a sign saying that she needed money to feed her 3 children.  I wondered what her story was… was she an immigrant?  Did she have a husband?  Did she have multiple jobs?


It’s incredible to think that her story could explain why she is in her current position and is a story that could easily be told across many different platforms.  There is a social media account that can be found on various social media sites such as; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, that I think does a brilliant job in telling these kinds of stories everyday.  The account is “The People of New York” and with the use of a photo and a short quote taken from a quick conversation with people on the streets of New York, we learn about the different stories of the people of this city.  It is a very interesting way to tell stories but is also very effective and intriguing.



In addition to storytelling, some of the projects we looked at in class that use transmedia seem really interesting and enticing.  One in particular is the adventure fans were set out on before the release of the movie “The Dark Knight”.  This activity was especially fascinating because of all the different platforms including: telephone calls; websites; signs; etc. that were used to create a worldwide event.  Being a little a young at the time when this event was taking place, I didn’t have a chance to participate, however, now that I am a little older, participating in an activity like this one is something I think would be fun, and would definitely be something I want to do in the future!




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