Saying Goodbye

Looking back at the projects I have created in Digital Media class, I definitely see some similar elements in my work.  I find that the theme of love and romance seems to be something I tend to gravitate towards when channeling my inner creativity.  I think because that is a theme that interests me, it is what comes natural to me when creating my own projects and so, I would probably stick with this theme in future digital media projects.

Having taken this course it has really enhanced skills that I didn’t possess much of before.  Being a student in the Sport Media program, creativity is not something that I would typically refer to as a forte of mine.  Now having taken this class, I have not only learned how to use creative programs like, Photoshop and After Effects, but I have also been able to develop my creative ability along the way.

Coming up to the last class in Digital Media, it is a bittersweet ending.  Although stated in my very first blog for this class that I was very nervous in not having much experience with digital media or the programs we have to use, I realize now that I had no reason for this anxiety.  With the help of the great Professors in RTA, I learned how to use digital media programs and how to create my own projects without much struggle.  I am thankful for having taken this course and the skills it has equipped me with in which I can use further down the road in my program and in life.  If there is one thing I have learned through this course it’s that digital media is something I use A LOT and so, although it may be goodbye to this class, I know for sure it is NOT goodbye to digital media! 🙂



My Progress in my Motion Graphics Assignment

Above are a few still images from my motion graphics project for my 13 Going on 30 title sequence.  As I continue to work on my project I hope to improve the overall flow and to add some sound effects.  I really want to make it so that the transition from the big 13 to the small 13 is smooth and doesn’t appear choppy.  I also want the final title “13 Going on 30” to flow smoothly piece by piece into the frame simultaneously with the blue wave.  I also hope to add some cool sound effects that will have an overall impact on the mood of the piece.  I would like to put sound effects during the countdown and as the blue wave flows into the frame.  I am thinking that perhaps I can include a ticking type noise as the numbers lower, and a swoosh type sound as the blue wave comes into the frame.  On top of these simple sound effects, I would like to play some magical type sounding background music throughout the entire title sequence to maintain the magical theme.

Along the way in creating my motion graphic project for 13 Going on 30, I was partially inspired by Disney movies.  I find that Disney movies have influenced my planned sound effects and music, as well as, the overall look of the title sequence.  I find that a lot of the sound effects and music that I am imagining in my head to go with my title sequence are something you could definitely hear in a Disney movie, and also play on their same themes and motifs.  In addition, I think the actual look of my title sequence is similar to that of Disney movies with its simplicity, alike colours, and use of typography.  I am hopeful that I will be able to pull off what I have in my mind for this title sequence because execution is really the key to making this project turnout.