Saying Goodbye

Looking back at the projects I have created in Digital Media class, I definitely see some similar elements in my work.  I find that the theme of love and romance seems to be something I tend to gravitate towards when channeling my inner creativity.  I think because that is a theme that interests me, it is what comes natural to me when creating my own projects and so, I would probably stick with this theme in future digital media projects.

Having taken this course it has really enhanced skills that I didn’t possess much of before.  Being a student in the Sport Media program, creativity is not something that I would typically refer to as a forte of mine.  Now having taken this class, I have not only learned how to use creative programs like, Photoshop and After Effects, but I have also been able to develop my creative ability along the way.

Coming up to the last class in Digital Media, it is a bittersweet ending.  Although stated in my very first blog for this class that I was very nervous in not having much experience with digital media or the programs we have to use, I realize now that I had no reason for this anxiety.  With the help of the great Professors in RTA, I learned how to use digital media programs and how to create my own projects without much struggle.  I am thankful for having taken this course and the skills it has equipped me with in which I can use further down the road in my program and in life.  If there is one thing I have learned through this course it’s that digital media is something I use A LOT and so, although it may be goodbye to this class, I know for sure it is NOT goodbye to digital media! 🙂



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